The Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan maps out a comprehensive plan for a sustainable urban development in Dubai. It focuses on enhancing people’s happiness and quality of life and reinforcing Dubai as a global destination for citizens, residents and visitors over the next 20 years.The plan has a strategic structural layout, integrating all urban development master plans in the emirate and aligned it with Dubai’s strategic economic priorities and the needs of the future.By 2040, Dubai will have achieved the following:
  • Green and recreational spaces will double in size
  • Nature reserves and rural natural areas will constitute 60 per cent of the emirate’s total area
  • Several green corridors will be established to link the service areas, residential areas and workplaces,
  • The movement of pedestrians, bicycles, and sustainable mobility means across the city will be facilitated
  • Land area for hotels and tourist activities will increase by 134 per cent, and for commercial activities, it will increase to 168 square kilometers
  • Land area for education and health facilities will increase by 25 per cent
  • The length of public beaches will increase by 400 per cent.