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With extensive experience in the luxury art sector, I have been selling Porsche Acrylic art worldwide for many years. Through this journey, I have gained deep insights into my clients’ preferences, including their favorite wines, preferred restaurants, desired travel destinations, fashion, and expected amenities in luxury hotels. This knowledge allows me to identify the perfect property that suits your unique tastes and requirements. Let me utilize my expertise to guide you towards the best property choice tailored specifically for you.

Tanja Stadnic is not only a successful Porsche Acrylic Artist but also a dedicated professional who excels in assisting individuals and organizations with finding and acquiring off-plan properties in Dubai. With her expertise in real estate, Tanja possesses in-depth knowledge of luxury world brands, specializing in interior styling, lifestyle, and luxury automobiles. Through her venture, Tanja Stadnic Porsche Acrylic Art, she has cultivated an extensive global network of contacts that prove invaluable in expanding success for both herself and her clients. Tanja firmly believes in the power of sharing, recognizing that when you share, you also multiply opportunities for growth.

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel

“Dubai is not just a city, it’s a lifestyle and an investment opportunity that is beyond compare in the world of real estate“

Booklet Tanja Stadnic

“Mastering Quick Shadows” by Tanja Stadnic. Get this limited edition 92 page hardcover booklet. A photo and storybook in which Tanja gives an insight into her artistic world of Porsche Acrylic Art, her encounters with Porsche enthusiasts and her international experiences. Get a signed book as a special gift with your ordered commissioned painting.

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Cooperating partners in Real Estate

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