By the end of this century, many of the worldā€™s cities including Dubai, will face catastrophic threat from rising seas and coastal flooding if the world fails to commit to the Paris Agreementā€™s goal of reducing carbon emissions and limit global average temperature rise to 1.5 C. Furthermore, even if the Paris Agreement Pledged are honored, many cities will have to adapt to live with sea level rise & coastal flooding, including Dubai.

Our ocean is growing due to two main factors; The melting of land ice and thermal expansion, which are both the result of climate change. Today, our oceans are absorbing more heat than at any point over the last 10,000 years; absorbing 90 percent of the excess heat generated by climate change. Our ocean is also becoming more acidic.

Rising sea levels will have significant impacts to coastal cities and urban life. Climate change will also have a catastrophic impact on our coral reefs. If current CO2 emission trends continue, coral reefs could be extinct by the end of this century.

Coral reefs are one of the most diverse ecosystems on our planet, yet they cover less than 1% of the planetā€™s surface. Coral reefs provide many benefits yet are now rapidly declining due to environmental impacts. Coral reefs provide an important ecosystem for life underwater whilst playing an important role in water filtration, fish reproduction, shoreline protection & erosion prevention. Corals enhance the quality & clarity of our near shore waters. They are one of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems in the world.