Tanja Stadnic original painting red wax stamp
Tanja Stadnic original painting red wax stamp

About the Green Machine

This painting is a one of kind, a truly unique piece. Never before i portrayed myself in a painting. For the official launch of my first NFT, i made an exception! What a stunner!

Also for the first time ever i used one of my own cars for the painting. My own ‘Green Machine’. And as always my clothes are matching the beautiful capture of the car on canvas, making use of my distinguished acrylic techniques and finished with 24K gold leaves Together with the green brushed aluminium frame this is a one of a kind collectable!

Painting size: 120×80 CM – 47” x 39”

Painting personalisation in detail, Hand-crafted.
With experience. With passion!
The painting comes with a certificate of authenticity and a Tanja Stadnic Autographed booklet.
Tanja Stadnic commissioned painting signing certificate
Tanja Stadnic Booklet mockup 3

How it Works

I created a fun and interactive NFT project that allows my supporters and community to participate and have ownership in.

I converted the Green Machine original artwork into a Puzzle with a total of 150 pieces

Each Piece is a unique NFT

There is a public community area where the Puzzle comes together and everyone can see progress

Every time an NFT is bought , the Puzzle “builds” in real time

The Mission is to complete the Puzzle because it unlocks a new NFT based on the full Artwork.

What Do Puzzle Owners Get?

Each Puzzle owner owns 2 things:

  1. The Puzzle Piece NFT
  2. A share in 50% Community Ownership of the Completed Puzzle NFT

Each Puzzle piece is a unique NFT that can be held or sold on the secondary NFT Market

Also, Everyone that owns a Puzzle piece collectively becomes an owner of the NEW NFT in partnership with Me (Tanja), this is how it works

The ownership of the New Complete NFT becomes as follows:

  1. All puzzle holders collectively own 50%
  2. Tanja owns 50%

As a puzzle holder the 50% ownership share is based on how many puzzle pieces you own. For example if you own 1 puzzle piece and there are 150 puzzle pieces you own 1/150 of the 50% total community share ownership , if you own 2 you own 2/150 and so on.

Get an exclusive coffee mug with your special puzzle piece. Your key to enter the special Tanja Stadnic NFT-area

Two Ways to acquire your pieces

1. With Ethereum

Create a Crypto Wallet (if you do not have one already move to the next step) – we recommend

  • Fund your Crypto Wallet
  • Buy Ethereum
  • Add your Ethereum to your Wallet
  • Connect your wallet on the Puzzle Marketplace Page

Once your Wallet is connected you can purchase up to 10 Puzzle Pieces by :

a. Selecting “Get Pieces”
b. Choosing the Number of pieces (up to 10)
c. Clicking “Mint” which means you are purchasing the pieces

2. With fiat currency (USD, etc…)

Pay With Credit/Debit Card

I send your Puzzle Piece NFT to your Wallet

Pre Sale Offer 

I am offering you an early participation for 50 Puzzle Pieces at a special “pre mint” price that will reserve your Puzzle piece and ownership

Pre-Sale buyers get a special price

Additional Benefits

In addition to the ownership of the puzzle piece NFT and the share of community ownership in the full Puzzle NFT you get:

Your actual Puzzle Piece

In physical form hand signed by Tanja

Trade & Sell NFT’s

Exclusive member on NFT Ecosystem

Event access

Be invited to Porsche Events

Exclusive Artworks

Get Tanja Stadnic Originals

Network Access

30K individuals

Customer Loyalty

Invite your business partners

Receive the NFT Collector Pack

Membership card, token and more

Behind the scene

Exclusive video content

And much more….